Winds Can Knock Down Dead Trees

We had a really nasty snow storm last night and not only was the snow wet and heavy, there were terrible winds as well. I knew I had to find a Long Island tree company to come and look at my trees before the next storm but I did not, and as a result I had a tree fall in my backyard. I am very lucky that the tree did not touch any other properties or cause any damage, but I knew that it should have been taken care of sooner. I had a neighbor growing up who did not do anything with the dead trees in his backyard and they ended up falling into my parents yard. My mom was alone at the time of the fall, and it almost went through the room she was in. The fire department told my mom and my dad that she was lucky she was not in the room when the tree came through, or she would have been killed or seriously hurt.

I heard my dad say that he was mad at the neighbor for not doing anything with their dead trees and my dad said that he was going to go and hire someone to come and look at all the trees in our yard. I was really sad to hear that my mom could have been killed, but I knew at a young age that having dead trees in your hard was something that had to be dealt with. I could not imagine what would have happened if the big tree in my hard fell the other way into the street in the front. Someone could have been driving or they could have been walking and the tree could have hit them. It would be such a huge problem.