What Once Was Thin is Full Again

Most people have something that they worry about when they get older. Some worry about getting fat, and others worry about problems with their bones. For me, it was always the thought of losing my hair. When I saw my hair thinning in the mirror, I started to panic. I switched to wearing hats and using topical products that only masked my hair problem. The fear of a giant bald spot appearing in my scalp caused me to look for a treatment that would actually work. I looked at Keranique reviews after seeing commercials for the product in between my favorite shows.

Those who used the product seem to like it. They posted a lot of before and after pictures in their reviews to show just how much progress was made by using the product. The pictures and user accounts were enough to convince me that the product was the real deal and that I should give it a shot, or risk going down the route of complete baldness. I ordered some of the product from an online store and hoped for the best case scenario. I took some pictures of my scalp to use as my own before and after case.

I used the product on my scalp as directed by the instructions and waited for it to do its magic. I would check my hair every five minutes in the mirror to see if anything was happening. Of course it takes longer than five minutes for hair to grow, but I was going crazy and couldn’t stay patient like a normal person. As the days passed while using the product, my hair grew in and eventually the spot where my hair became thin was looking full again. I took an after shot of my scalp and left a positive review about the product online for others to see.