The Only Tree Service I Will Use

I have never been bothered by weather forecasts that threatened high winds or thunderstorms. I have a lot of trees, but they are very strong and sturdy. I have a Queens tree service that comes out on a regular basis and prune them, making them even healthier and able to withstand a lot of what Mother Nature may throw at them. Well, that way of thinking worked for me for over 20 years, but my streak was broken with a late summer storm last year. One of oak trees was struck by lightning, and down she came.

That alone would have been okay, but it fell at the wrong angle. Instead of just hitting the ground, it hit my neighbor’s back porch. That is how huge this tree was. I imagine it was easily 60 foot tall if not taller. Anyway, my neighbor was really cool about it, but I knew that I needed to get the tree service out here as quickly as possible. While he was not upset over something I had no control over, I knew that he still wanted it taken care of as quickly as possible, just as I would if it was one of his trees that was taking up residence on my back patio.

I contacted the tree service and explained what happened. I knew they must be busy because of the powerful storms we have had, but they still squeezed me in for the following day. I knew they had to be exhausted working like that, but I sincerely appreciated their efforts too. They came out and got the tree off his porch and even cleaned it up really nice, and then they came back just a couple of days later to finish the job up. That is the reason they are the only tree service I will use.