Numbers and Letters Can Be Deceiving

The best number plates my husband I have seen over the years usually has a cool story behind it. We have seen license plates that were made just for the person who was going to drive the car with the special plates on them. I was really sad to see that someone had taken different numbers and letters and spelled something out that you may be offended by. There is no reason to have something on your car that will literally offend many people. I think that some of the plates that we have seen can be taken for art. I was sad to see that my daughter did not want the new plate my husband had made for her. She was usually okay with the things that my husband did for her, and I was happy to see that they got along so well, but she did not want anything to do with the cool new plate he had made for her, it had her birthday on it.

My family has always liked cars and we have been known to go to a few car shows together. My husband and daughter usually go to the local track in the summer to see the local people in the car races. They have a cheap night on Wednesday where it is many younger people who are trying to make a name out for themselves so they could make it to the big leagues. The leagues that my husband likes to see is usually on Saturday nights where the professional and older drivers go. I think it’s a great thing that people have ways to bond over cars and their love for the sports of it. I think that there is a lot to learn about cars and that going to car shows can help you.