I Needed My Locks Changed

It is very rare for me to go out for a night on the town with friends. They all like to go clubbing, but I prefer to spend my time with them doing other things. They convinced me to go though when one of the girls in our group got a promotion, and they even said we had a designated driver. I took only a small amount of cash with me and my house key. I guess you can predict what happened when I contacted a locksmith about lost keys in Brisbane!

I got a little too happy knowing that I was not going to be responsible for getting myself home. We went to a few different places, and I have no idea where I lost my key. When my friend drove me home and I realized I lost it, I crashed at her place that night. The next morning, we called all the places we had been but no one had found a key. I did not waste any more time. I contacted a locksmith for two reasons.

The first was because I had no way of getting into my house unless I broke a window. I did not want to add to my troubles, and I figured it would be easier and cheaper to have a locksmith come out rather than someone to come out and replace the window. The second reason is that I wanted to have the locks changed on my house. I had no idea where the key was. For all I knew, someone could have seen me drop it and followed me home when we left the club. I just wanted to feel safe, and the only way I knew to do that was to have the front lock and back lock replaced by a professional. That was done within hours of calling the locksmith. The next time I go out, I am going to be a lot more careful!