I Lost Weight Before the Bathing Suit Season Arrived

I am not afraid of hard work, but I am also not afraid to slack off now and again too. The proof for both of those statements is what happened to me over this past winter. The weather was particularly brutal, so I did not go out a lot. I stayed inside and had delicious soups and baked goods, and I also put on 14 pounds as a result over the four month winter period. Leaving that season, I knew that I was going to look into the 3 week diet so I could not stress about the upcoming bathing suit season.

It was fine for me to slack off during the cold months, but I was not going to let the trend continue. I wanted to be out with my friends at the beach and at pool parties. Even though I was thin before the weight gain, I still felt that it was just too much. I wanted to lose at least 10 pounds, but I did not want to take two months to do it. A friend had told me that the 3 week diet plan had really helped her because it showed her exactly what she needed to do.

It consists of four manuals. The first one is just an introduction manual that explains the body and what a person must and must not do in order to lose weight. The second two manuals are the meat of it. The second is the diet plan and the third is the workout plan. Those two things might seem easy, but there are certain things a person can do to make the weight come off faster while still doing it in a healthy manner. The last manual is the one that probably helps people the most as it is the one that helps people understand why so many people fail at losing weight. I know that because I took all four manuals to heart, I am now able to wear my bathing suit without any worries!