I Just Started My New Job

I have been doing this work for a couple of weeks now. I work for a trucking company of sorts, but I am not allowed to drive the truck. This place seems to specialize in stuff that is heavy. For example today we delivered a big load of headstones to a place that sells Jewish memorials in New Jersey. They have a place that is right beside the Costco in Clifton and I had been by the place dozens of times without ever paying any attention to it. Obviously a big stone like this is going to be hard to move and my job is to help out so that nothing goes wrong. It is pretty boring for the most part so I carry along my school books, which I already have for next semester. Some of the time I have trouble reading while the truck is moving, but usually I can study quite well. I just want to have a good head start before I go back to school.

The idea is pretty simple. I do not want to run out of money while I am at school. I get money from my student aid and grants, but there is barely enough for the essential stuff. So I want to save up the money so that I will not have to work a job while I am at school. I am hoping that I can get a tutoring job, which requires that you have good grades. In fact I need to save every cent that I make, but that is pretty hard. I have been trying to romance a really great girl I met in the library and that is a lot easier if you have money to spend. So it is difficult to not let loose of the money.