I Got Locked out Again

I did not realize it, but I was running out to the store before I went to visit my friends for the holidays and I accidentally left my keys on the inside of the apartment on the table. I went out and had a great night and got home late and I realized that I could not get into my apartment. I had to call someone that would be able to come to my apartment to change locks in Brisbane and I knew that my big mistake was going to cause a big hole in my bank account. I could not call the man that manages my building because he was going to tell the landlord that I did it again and I did not want to wake him up to have him come up to my floor so I would have to hear him. He speaks to me like my father would and the last thing that I wanted to have to deal with at that late hour is someone who would scold me.

I called the locksmith and they told me that there were going to be additional charges because it was so late at night and they were going to have to call the worker that was on call. I told them that I knew that I was going to have to pay a lot because this was not the first time that I called them. The man that answered the phone asked me for my address and as soon as he heard where I lived, he told me that he was going to go and come out and that he remembered me from the last time that I had to go and call someone to come and let me in. He came right over and saved me some money, too.