A Birthday Party with Face Painting

My daughter never asks for anything. In fact, she is the exact opposite and wants to give to others so much. She has been going to church ever since she was born, and the lessons that her Sunday School teachers have been instilling in her have really taken deep root in her heart. I knew better to ask what she wanted for her birthday because she would tell me a donation to kids who have nothing. I decided to throw her a party with her church friends instead. I hired someone who does face painting as another surprise for her on this special day too.

Even though she would rather give than take, she is a typical child when it comes to parties. I knew that she would have such a blast with her friends at a party, and I knew that having their faces painted in different styles would be something they would really enjoy. It did not take me long to find a company that provides this kind of service. I did look at some online reviews to make sure that the people who do the face painting were artistic enough to do more than simple designs.

I was not expecting something you would see on a TV show, but I did want more than just whiskers drawn on their cheeks. Every review I read was from extremely happy parents, and I was even able to see some photos of some of the face painting jobs they did. When it came time for my daughter’s party, she chose to be a unicorn while her friends chose to be princesses, lions, clowns, cats, and several other things. Each one looked absolutely adorable with their faces painted, and I know that these memories are going to last a lifetime for all of us.